ESMAC 2020 Annual Meeting

The main theme of this annual meeting is "Clinical evidence and the interaction between human body and technology". The most recent measurement technology for movement analysis helps understand the underlying pathology of various diseases and conditions. The ESMAC 2020 Annual Meeting will present various motion analysis tools as diagnostic tools and as a way to objectify outcome measures on the effect of physical exercise and surgery.
There will be pre-conference seminars from monday (14 September) till wednesday (16 September) discussing different theories, such as the 'gait variability' and 'walk-to-run transition', and their potential clinical application.
The main Conference also comprises a hands-on seminar where the application of available technology and its application in research and clinic will be discussed.
Last but not least, the conference will also provide a special oral and poster session, for which participants are encouraged to submit their abstract. The abstract should focus on one of the next themes: ‘clinical evidence’, ‘robotics and assistive technology’, ‘evaluating activity and participation in everyday life’, ‘subject/patient specific biomechanical models’.

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  • 2020-09-14
  • to 2020-09-19


  • University Of Southern Denmark

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