ESSKA Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Course - ALL about Meniscus 2020

This ESSKA Course is set up to discuss challenging disorders of the meniscus with certified orthopaedic surgeons through didactic and practical training. There are 24 spots available, the ESSKA Education Committee will choose participants on their applications.
The learning objectives of this course are:
- Learn all about the meniscus starting from the very simple to the very complex;
- The basics of arthroscopic portals will be revisited in light of the multiportal access to the knee joint;
- Optimization of meniscus healing will be discussed in order to learn ways to promote healing in doubtful cases;
- Meniscectomy, one of the most frequently performed procedures in orthopaedic surgery will be refreshed;
- Meniscus suturing including all inside, outside-in and inside-out, followed by hand-on practise in the laboratory;
- How to suture a ramp lesion and how to suture a root tear;
- Meniscal allografts or substitutes will be discussed as an option in salvage cases.

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  • 2020-12-03
  • to 2020-12-04


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