GOTS 2020 Annual Congress

With all the upcoming sport events: The Olympics, the European Football Championships, etc. athletes have to perform at their best. This means that there therapists involved also need to bring their A-game. The GOTS 2020 Annual Congress can be seen as the last preparatory camp before all these sport events with as main theme professional and high-performance sports. Against this background, the basics of sports medicine, sports traumatological diagnostics as well as conservative and operative therapy procedures are to be presented and discussed.
Since injuries of the knee and ankle joint are the most common, these will be in the foreground. Nonetheless, the Annual Congress also discusses other trauma's in sport such as Craniocerebral trauma, doping, overload damage, prevention, performance diagnostics. These topics will be discussed in various session formats, among which are overview lectures, discussion groups, case presentations and instruction courses.

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  • 2020-06-18
  • to 2020-06-19


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